Red Hat and LILO


well ive got a slight prob with LILO, ive been trying to delete my linux partition and merge my entire hard drive back into one but when I do so LILO is still there, even after I erase the linux partition and I was pretty sure that it was on the boot record or something anyway, but all it comes up with upon rebooting is LIL and thats just
just LIL and it wont let me load into anything so I end up reinstalling red hat and partitioning off 1gig again, Im just waiting till I get a new hard drive to install Linux again :slight_smile:

any ideas on how to get rid of lilo, once and for all?

From Linux you can uninstall LILO:
/sbin/lilo -u
-u device-name Uninstall LILO, by copying the saved boot sector back. man lilo for more info

If you have already deleted linux parttion use:
"fdisk /MBR" from your dos partition. This gets rid of LILO, and puts in Windows boot stuff.

Also a reinstall of Windows will erase your LILO in MBR.


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Try these LILO troubleshooting links: