I just got a SparcStation 20 running 5.5.1 and when I boot it is looking (I believe) for a network connection. I can do a ^c and get logged in but the message pops up again, and continues to display. I am able to type in commands and see response for a minute or so and back to the message, I am curious if I just do a touch /reconfigure if this will solve the problem or I also notice that the script running it is /etc/rc2.d (I believe) if I rename that script so as to not have it run would that work? And of course would either one cause more problems? I just want to get the machine up long enough to try to do a fresh/complete install of Solaris 8. Thanks for any help.

If you know the exact script under /etc/rc2.d you can rename it so that it does not begin with an "S", I typically make the S a little s. If your not sure which one it is, as root bring the box down to init state 1

init 1

Then cd to /etc/rc2.d and start each of the S scripts one at a time like this:

./S01MOUNTFSYS start

watch the messages as you start each process and when you get to the one that fails, you have your problem. If your not sure what it is, be sure and ask before you disable it. On a side note, you don't need to get it up to install Solaris 8. Simply put the CD in, press "stop" and "a" at the same time, and from the ok prompt type

boot cdrom

It will walk you through the rest.

Thanks, I think that I am going to test these scripts like you suggested just to have the experience, and then I will install it. Thanks again.