problem with who command

Sorry for my poor english.
Unix is SCO ODT ver 3.0
Mine problem is :
when I login via some terminal emulator and type :
who am i
I see information like this :
username ttyp02 Feb 28 09:53

after logoff and type who command (from some other terminal)
I see that ttyp02 is still active
but after I type ps -ft ttyp02 there is no processes

Do anybody can help me.

Sounds like your terminal emulator program may not closing the tty properly when the process exits. Other than that 'shot in the dark' (which is just a wild guess), nothing comes to mind.

One month ago terminal emlator working correctly and
nobody touch nothing.
I forget to say one problem more.
Graphic console (by default on tty02) after login get ttypXX
after disabling (disable scologin) get tty02.