Popper message

the popper deamon reports this error:

Apr 10 12:26:03 < server > popper[2568]: Client at "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" resolves to an unknown host name "router.dummyname.nl"

does anyone know why and how to resolve this?

server = FreeBsd 4.2

Thanks in advance..

When a client connects, popper attempts a reverse-lookup on the IP address, and if it resolves to a canonical name, then attempts a lookup on the returned name. If the returned name does not resolve to an IP address, popper issues this error. You can disable these DNS checks by using the -R command-line.

For de sake of completeness.

You forgot to mention that the option -R doesn't exist in popper. Qpopper however does have the -R option.

Thanks mib.

Yes, I forgot this, simply because i don't know popper dosen't own this option. :slight_smile: