Please help me find out system information

I'm just getting started with unix and would like to know 1) how to tell how big the harddrive is 2) how to tell if there are multiple harddrive installed on the machine 3) a relitavely easy way to tell what programs are installed on the machine.

I'm using Sun OS 5.6


I found out about df, is there a better/more reliable command that comes with Sun os 5.x? I added the total space allotted per mount.

It turns out that not all the servers have dr, is it possible to transfer the dr file to the other servers or would that create a problem?

Yes, you can transfer binary files between the same platform architecture. In the utility has dynamicly loadable modules, then you will have to transfer those as well.

Just FTP the file to the other server, set the proper execute permissions and try it.