Personal Firewall

I recently install SuSE Linux 7.1 and I am trying to configure the personal firewall script. I followed the directions and at startup and it does not initialize. The docs said to edit two files: rc.config and firewall.rc.config. I only had to add "yes" to FW_START in rc.config and eth0 to FW_DEV_WORLD in firewall.rc.config.

It is supposed to run at start up. How do you run these manually to test?


The files in rc.config, as you suggest, have parameters which are read by the start up scripts for certain services. These scripts are located in the run level directories rc1.d, rc2.d etc. These are links to scripts in the init.d directory (at least in HP-UX).

Anyway the point is that the start up script for this firewall should be located in one of the run level directories, and the syntax to start such a service is usually:

/sbin/rc1.d/[firewall_script] start

It may not be in rc1.d, it may be in the other run level directories, you can check these out. Look in the init.d directory if you're unsure where it is - the command will be the same, only the pathname will be different.

This is how you would the service manually.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the reply. It turns out the script fails when I boot with kernel v 2.14. It works fine with 2.0.