No stand-by, keep on

How do you or what is the setup to keep the (server) up from shutting down? It is not server yet but it might very likely become to serve few clients. But, once I get in in the morning its off. It's Sparc, Solaris 8 and I would like to keep it running over night but once it is not attended it shuts down. Would anyone know how to keep Sparc, Solaris 8 up and running 7/24? Thanks, gp

I know it gives you the option to diable this after a fresh install, but I think you can modify the /etc/power.conf file. This is the power.conf file from my 8 box that runs all the time.

# Copyright (c) 1996 - 2000 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
#pragma ident   "@(#)power.conf 1.15    00/05/22 SMI"
# Power Management Configuration File
# NOTE: The entry below is only used when no windowing environment
# is running.  When running windowing environment, monitor power
# management is controlled by the window system.

device-dependency /dev/fb /dev/kbd

# This entry keeps removable media from being powered down unless the
# console framebuffer and monitor are powered down
# (See removable-media(9P))

device-dependency-property removable-media /dev/fb

autopm                  default
# Auto-Shutdown         Idle(min)       Start/Finish(hh:mm)     Behavior
autoshutdown            30              9:00 9:00               noshutdown     

Thank you, gp