new SuSE User

Hello everybody!
I'm Fabian from Germany near Hannover.
I bought SuSE 7.1 before 3 days .
I want use SuSE as a PHPserver!
(My english is very bad)
Now my question:
Is SuSE or Rad Hat better for this problem? On my system is always run SuSE 7.1 now, but I think Rad Hat is better for this application.

PHP works fine on either platform. We run PHP on Slackware and it works great! The Linux distribution (Redhat, Debian, SuSE, Slackware, etc.) makes very little difference regarding add-ons and applications.

Thanks! I tray it on SuSE! Are there importent things i have to note?

PHP is normally installed with Apache so you can use with your Web server. Also, you will need MySQL if you plan on doing cool web apps.

So, get a good book on PHP. Search the forums for the suggested book on PHP Professional Programming. This text covered PHP, Apache and MySQL installation, etc.

BTW: Your English is much better than our German. Great job! You speak just fine :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!
I tray it!
Good by