network out

I am having a problem with getting out to the network from my computer. It just stopped working one day and I didn't change any of my networking files. The strange thing is that i can still ping out and get alive responses and I can ssh into it from a remote location . I'm running Solaris 8 with an ultra 5. any suggestions??

Yes, set up <B>TCPDUMP</B> on your interface and watch the network traffic to see what is going on.

Yes that is what I'm doing. I decided to make my computer a gateway and it it now working but is this a bad thing to do?

I use a linux box as a gateway between a cable modem and a wireless hub. UNIX platforms make great gateways.

I do have one other question about how I set up the gateway. Basically all I did was add the -GW to the hosts file after my ip address. then I used the route add default to manually add to the routing table , is this the correct way to do it?