Network Ip

Hello again. Neo, thanks for your last reply.
I have a new question. How can I re-configure the host name and IP address information attached to my NIC? I remember seeing a command posted here that would cause the system to re-boot and require the information to be entered but I do not see it anymore.

Any help is appreciated.


ifconfig will configure interface cards for you, depending on your flavour of UNIX. Generally the most simple syntax is:

ifconfig <interface name> <parameters_to_be_set> up/down

Run the man page on ifconfig, it's pretty simple. If you're running HP-UX the lanadmin and lanscan utilities are very useful for taking a look at interface cards on the system, and you will need to use them to obtain the Network Management ID number of the card to pass to the ifconfig command.

If not running HP-UX a man on ifconfig should provide you with all the information or pointers where you can get it.

Hope this helps.


Sorry...I used a tag syntax in my last post which meant some of it got lost...the most simple ifconfig syntax is:

ifconfig [interface_name] [parameters_to_set] up/down


ifcongig will work, but only until the box is rebooted. Then it will revert back. If you want to make the change permanant, you also need to edit the /etc/hosts & /etc/hostname.{interface} and possibly the /etc/nodename files under Solaris. The files are probably different under another flavor of UNIX. If you edit these files and reboot, you don't need to do the ifconfig command.

If your machine is Linux:

Edit /etc/sysconfig/network. change local hostname.

ifconfig will work. but to make the change persistent you must edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (your interface).

Change the appropriate hostname aliases in /etc/hosts

To take effect, this settings you can restart networking using /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart command.


Apologies for not including details of how to make the changes permanent on HP-UX, overlooked that...

The files you need for the hostname, IP address, gateway and subnet mask on interface cards is located in /etc/rc.config.d/netconf.

This file will also contain details on the default gateway for the machine, and you can have as many entries for as many cards as are in the machine, simply increment the instance number by one.


Thank you all for the replies. My machine is running Solaris 8. I will be working with your suggestions. Thanks again all.