Multiple Interfaces and Routes

I have a Unix box with 2 network interfaces on the same IP subnet and would like to add a host route via a specific interface. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Check the man page for 'route' as the syntax varies between different versions of Unix. On Linux, for example, you would do something like:

route add -host <I>X.X.X.X</I> netmask <I>X.X.X.X</I> gw <I>X.X.X.X</I> dev <I>interface</I>

replace the X's as apparopriate with your target, netmask, and gateway values.

I'm running SunOs 5.8 and have read through the 'man' pages and couldn't find any reference to the interface specific options. Thanks for your assistance.

Most route commands have the interface as one of the last options. This is because you can specify routes based on the interface. Can you do a man on your route command and post the results?