Modem on HP-UX 10.20

Hi everyone
I am having some real difficulties getting a dial in modem to work on one of my HP boxes. It's a mux modem on port 7 which I have set up at 9600 baud.

I can dial in, the handshakes are completed, but then it returns incoherent characters on the emulation screen. I think my dial in machine and the modem are not negotiating on the same terms. It's not the emulation type since I know this is a vt100 and set it accordingly.

I am going down the path of this being a problem with parity settings (8 or 7 and odd,even,none), usually 8, none with 1 stop bit works, but this doesnt seem to be the case.

Does anyone have a similar configuration? /dev/ttyd0p7, I realise some changes need to be made to /etc/gettydefs - does anyone have an existing amended file they can paste the relevant baud section for me? All entries are in inittab, and things respawn fine - that clearly isnt the problem since the handshake are completed successfully, I just need to know what relevant flags to have set in /etc/gettydefs, or maybe I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance.


Just to anyone who was wondering the solution:

I gave up on SAM and decided to go manual. used ioscan to find the hardware path of the modem - ioscan -C tty -fn. Then I made the relevant device files using mkfs, a separate command line for dial out and dial in device files:

# /usr/sbin/mksf -d asio0 -H <hardware path> -a1 -v

# /usr/sbin/mksf -d asio0 -H <hardware path> -a2 -v

1 and 2 states here define dial out/in status.

I then manually entered an inittab entry to respawn the uugetty process (uugetty and not getty because of dial out capacity):

a0:3:respawn:/usr/lbin/uucp/uugetty -r -t 60 -h ttyd0p7 19200M

The baud rate on the end is NOT the baud rate of the modem, but the one to be set for those dialling in - this is important if you need to set the baud and parity on your connecting client. I say parity because the next step involved creating a specific entry in /etc/gettydefs to correspond to this inittab process, and hence this modem. This was for 19200M - and all the flags that go with it (man on stty will show you) - just to note take out PARENB to disable parity checking, and set the data bits (CSx) to 8.

Once this is done run

# /etc/getty -c /etc/gettydefs | more

Then look for the entry you created and make sure it parsed without errors. ps for the getty process, and kill it. init q to reload the inittab and then kill the getty process again to make sure it respawns. Dial in, and presto, one working dial in modem, one happy manager and one tires system admin.

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