Mirror 4meg SCSI to Larger

I have a Unix based system running my POS (Point of sale) system that uses two 4.1 gig hard drives. I use the


command to mirror master to Backup

My problem is 4.1 gig hard drives are no longer available new so I need to move to a larger cap drive but for my command to work the 2 drives must be physically the same.

What should do to mirror (os & data) to a larger physical drve?

Are there util programs to do this?

Possible 11th user of UNIX :wink:

Depending on which flavor of Unix you are running, you may have a proper mirror tool available as part of an LVM.

If not, something like dd, tar, cpio, etc could be used.

SCO 5.0 Unix is the flavor......

I come from DOS world and haven't got this UNIX world figured out.... well I am just trying to do a few things.

I am not familiar with the acronyms you used previously so more detail would be very helpful and appreciated.

If I need to find out more info and post it I will be glad to do so.

There must be a command line to do what i want i just don't have a clue what it is.....

I have a pentium prossessor with 3.5 floppy and two H.D. only, no CD or other devices. Drive 0 is the master Drive 1 is the (Backup)Drive. I am going to assume the command
is a call for a script or batch file (I really don't know)
since it doesn't appear to be a command word in UNIX.

Any suggestions of what I can enter and try would be GREAT.

I have a Beta site to try things on.

Thanks for your help so far and for your responses.....

./diskcopy is more-than-likely a shell script (and not too big). It would help if you posted the script. We could take a look at the script and be more helpful.