member titles

I must have missed it , but what do Junior Memeber/Member mean?
is there a reference arounf for the significance of these titles ?



The titles are the vBulletin defaults based on the number of posts. The thresholds can be manually overridden by the administrator. Individual titles can be overridden as well, but this would create unnecessary work for a forum with almost 200 users and growing daily. I have fuzzy plans to assign unique titles to the most helpful posters a couple of times a year, based on their posts and speciality area(s).

I understand.
do you happen to have a reference of the current (default) definitions?
e.g. how many post required to become "member" ? :slight_smile:

btw, I'm convinced this site is going to gain its popularity. The domain name is perfect, and the design maybe the best I have seen in other I believe its just a question of time..


Junior Member (Minimum Posts: 0)
Member (Minimum Posts: 30)
Senior Member (Minimum Posts: 100)