Mail services

I am trying to find the best software solution for allowing a large organization to run their email server on a Sun Solaris server so that they can have an easy web based interface in which to administer the accounts (add/delete/change passwords/change forwarding/clean out a jammed box) AND be able to both check mail via a client (Eudora, Outlook) or via a web interface from a remote computer. We are also looking for easy web based user interface for adding and maintaining Listservs. The organization consists of 700+ nuns with a varied skill level, some will be assigned administrative duties such as adding and deleting.

Any help will be MUCH appreciated! We are also willing to go to another server and were told Cobalt might be good for what they need, BUT then were told the web based email was a problem....

Thanks in advance.

There are some great mail front ends that are PHP based. Many can be found in the scripts section on

Most are free, BTW.

You can easily use an MTA like sendmail on the backend; one of may web-based mail clients packages, and a system admin package to manage the user accounts. You don't need 'one package to do it all' but the right combination of packages (1) MTA (2) user system admin package, web-based, and (3) web-mail interface. (1), the MTA comes with all UNIX distros. (2) and (3) can be easily found on the net for free. i.e. at

Thanks, I am going to check out the website now.