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Hi everyone
I am setting up my own web hosting and dns server - have got all the dns and web server things sorted out. I am wondering if anyone knows what I need to do to enable my customers to have their own pop and smtp access under their own domains which they host with me. I have two ip addresses, and am virtually hosting their domains, web server is apache.

Is there some unix configuration or software issue which I need to set up to allow them to send and recieve email at their domain through my machine i.e. - for them to recieve - for them to send

I appreciate any help, and apologies to Neo and PxT if this is nothing to do with unix, but you guys on this board have been my last port of call recently for things no one else around me seems to be able to help me with.


See the <A HREF="">Virtual Services HOWTO</A>. You dont say which version of Unix you are running, but most of the information there should apply across the board. Particularly see section 9, on mail & pop services.

There's no big issue. Main steps:

  • set up an MX record for each of the customer domains pointing to your mail server;

  • configure Sendmail on the server to treat these domains as local and to properly rewrite addresses;

  • run a POP server on your machine;

For furhter info:

(note that from v8.10 is called

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