List of Commands for Unix Please

Hello, I have recentlly been given access to a Unix based server in order to learn how to operate a Unix machine.. i have never used Unix before and am in need of a list of commands and there functions.. if you have one available please send it to me in .txt or wordpad document form.. thank you in advance.

My bad.. I reconnected to the server and it's OpenBsD.. Please.. if you have any info on basic command line algorithms please reply here or via email.. thank you again in advance

I would suggest buying a book like "Learn UNIX in 24 hours". Poke around on this site, I think there are links to purchase good books (which also helps support the site). There are hundreds, possible thousands of commands and each has "flags" which modify the way they act. Some of the basic one are;

man [command] - Gives a summary of the use of a command. For starters type
man man
man ls
man cd
man rm
man vi

ls - similar to dir in DOS. List the files/directories in the current directory

cd - Change directory. Used as
cd .. - Go up one level
cd - go to my home directory
cd /path/to/directory - Takes you to the specified directory

rm [file] - Remove [file]

mkdir [directory] - Make a [directory]

aaaahhhhhh ok... so alot of the "good old DOS commands" work the same in the UNIX envirornment?

if (you are not satisfied with with these dos like commands)

have a look here!


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