Linux Router Project


I came across this forum looking for some help, Iam new to Unix/Linux and am need in help of some basic problems. I myself am a networker and know a bit about networking hardware and theory. If you have any questions i am available to assist.

I am running a Caldera Box, with Kernel 2.2, basic firwall and ipmasqing. I am looking to expand the functionality to include a basic router running a RIP daemon to manage my internal network of three subnets.

I have not yet ventured into DNS yet, just focusing on the network side due to that being my background, any assistance would be apreciated.


You may notneed RIP on such a small network, static routing may be good enough. How may routers do you have and what is the topology?

I agree with you about using the static routes, in favour of RIP, i was looking at using RIP mainly for experimental purposes.

I have two routers, the first being a packet filtering router(firewall) connected to @Home and then the second being my internal router with the three subnets branched off the internal router.


RIP is not necessary and does not provide any useful functionality in your topology, IMHO; and you would 'learn more' by building the correct static routing tables, setting up default routes, etc.

If you still want to experiment, would recommend you experiment with something more useful than RIP. A freeware version of OSPF would be more instructive because there are more metrics (5, as I recall) in OSPF, in RIP(v1) there are only hop counts.

Perhaps Neo was a little wrong about OSPF allowing upto 5 metrics?
I thought OSPF allowd upto 65536.
And RIP allows upto 16?
I maybe wrong.
In such case,