Linux or unix "IRQ"

j have installed a Linux 6.2 on a computer server with 2 network card. Unfortunetely all the both card use the same IRQ 11 than only the first launched(used when the system is started) card run correctely the second don't work at all.
Please can you give me a way to change the IRQ for one of this card ?
Or if you have another tip please come on ?
thanks !!

It depends on the exact network card that you have. Some can be configured at boot time via command line parameters, or by arguments to insmod. Some have dos utilities that can set/change IRQ's. (boot to dos, run utility, use loadlin to boot linux). There should be a howto on that deals with network hardware, that may provide some assistance.

Good luck.

ok j see but one of the car is a netgear card but for the other j don't know is type ?
anyway , thanks a lot for your help

If you dont know the card type, how do you know what driver to use? You need to determine the card type so that you can load the appropriate driver, either as a module, or built directly into the kernel. You may be able to determine the manufacturer by looking at the circuit board. If you are lucky it will have a manufacturer name printed on it. If not, you may only have a hardware address. The first part of every hardware address is unique to each manufacturer, so you may be able to determine the maker that way...

Here is what I suggest you do:

(1) Shutdown. Poweroff. Take out one of the network cards.

(2) Reboot. After reboot, execute the dmesg command and copy the name of the device driver for the ethernet card (or cut and paste the info).

(2a)If you can't find the ethernet card in the dmesg output, note that as well.

(3) Shutdown. Poweroff. Switch cards.

(4) Repeat step (2) for the second card.

(5) For both cards, while they are out of the box, look to see if they have on-board jumpers.

(6) Post the results to this thread and we will help you with the next step.