Is it worth to shift to Linux from Windows?

Dear Unix Members and Friends:

I am a Windows users and also a Network Administrator on a Windows 2000/Nt4.0 platform.
Long before, I made up my mind to get expertise in UNIX as I am a Network Administrator and it is the stongest and most used Network Operating System. But I do not have any idea that is there any certification agency like Microsoft, Sun, or CISCO etc for UNIX. I live in Pakistan and have no idea that how can I get a certification in UNIX if one exists for it. Or there is no certification and I just have to study from some institute as there are many teaching this. If somebody knows about some certification for UNIX (like MCSE for Windows) then please let me know.
Secondly, I have been to IBM-ACE center here in Pakistan. They are offering certification and study in LINUX. They are also saying that it is a kind of upgrade to UNIX. Is it worth to go for LINUX which is offering an IBM certification? Is it worth to invest in LINUX at this stage when UNIX and Windows are the standard?
I will be anxiously waiting for your responses to these questions of mine.
Thanks a lot and it is a great place for gaining information and knowledge.

Linux is just another flavor of UNIX, similar to the relationship that NT shares with WIN2000. To answer the question of is it worth it, well that really depends on your need for the knowledge. I believe that you will find Linux (or any UNIX) to be much more stable, powerful and configurable than Windows.

Thanks for your reply on my question. I have now more clear idea of Linux in relation to UNIX operating system.
Thanks a lot and I am surely going now to pursue in LINUX as well as upgrading my knowledge of UNIX.
Thanks again.

There are good uses for both Linux/UNIX and Windows. Windows makes a great desktop. Linux/UNIX a superb server. The operating systems were designed from different design goals and objectives. Most organizations that are 'on the ball' use a combination of both. The choice is really not 'one or the other' but 'where is the best place in the computing environment to use them.'

Hope this helps.