IRIX books, manuals, references...

Does anyone out there know of ANY specific books pertaining to SGI's flavor of Unix - IRIX?
I have been in contact with SGI directly and they have not supplied me with any usable reference material or manuals.

I realize man pages are a good source for info, but I need to go a little deeper than what they provide. Any help would be greatly neded and appreciated!

I have never seen a good book specific to SGI's UNIX implementation. As I recall, SGI's UNIX follows the System V migration path, so a good book on System V Unix would cover most of it, if that is the case.

I've used SGI UNIX servers and found them to be just like all other flavors of UNIX. I don't recall any remarkable differences and it seemed 'just another morph of UNIX' to me.

I also searched and come up with a blank.

Thanks.. for the most part SGI's Unix does follow System V. Its just those few "extra and different commands" that are enough to drive me up the wall ( And they are not in the man pages! ).
I am used to SCO-, HP, and Linux. Irix is a nice twist to remind me that no matter how much I think I know about *nix, I don't know enough.

I dont know of any books either, but you might find this area helpful:

Extensive FAQ's on various Irix topics (admin, security, apps, hardware, etc.)

As an IRIX admin of sorts

I can tell you that IMHO the IRIX manuals are pretty shallow often going into less detail than the man pages also the gui configuration tools are an order of magnitude less sophisticated than what can be achieved by manually configuring it

Hope that helps!


WWW Reference

Subject:   -11- What are some related WWW pages?
Date: Fri May 26 14:56:48 CDT 2000

  SGI and subsidiaries:

      Silicon Surf (SGI's WWW servers)

 lists Silicon Surf's
	    international mirrors and support sites


      InterActive Digital Solutions

      MIPS Technologies, Inc. Home Page

      Reality (SGI's employee home page server)

      Silicon Studio Inc.

      Cray Research

  Companies and organizations:

      Center for Landscape Research (including image editing and
      processing software for SGIs)

      Center for Visual Creation (an SGI International Training Center)
      Easy Software Products ("2D & 3D software" for SGIs)


      Engineering Animation, Inc.

      Globalprint (a graphics arts information clearinghouse)

      GLOBEtrotter (developers of FLEXlm)

      Impediment (third-party memory and peripherals vendor)

      Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ViewKit)

      Interactive Effects Inc.

      IRIS Explorer Center

      Kaleidoscope Animations Inc.

      NATPIX software demos

      Paradigm Simulations Inc.

      Template Graphics Software, Inc.

      Vision Images

      NetManage (makers of Z-Mail/MediaMail)


      Anonymous FTP site list

          See also below under "network-accessible documents"
      Audio Applications for SGIs

      Blip (a script for dynamic SLIP addressing)

      Buying Old SGI Systems FAQ
      CAP for SGIs

      Configuring and Debugging SLIP and PPP

      Enhance image enhancement software

      FaceIt video face recognition system

      Grafica Obscura (Paul Haeberli's graphics notebook)

      HylaFAX (formerly FlexFAX) Home Page

      i3D three-dimensional scene viewer

      IBD's SGI Collection (including IRIX 5.2, 5.3 and 6.x patch lists)

          See also below under "network-accessible documents"
      Indy Technical Hardware Page (Greg Douglas)

      IRIX share trees

      Ivy (a Scheme binding for Open Inventor)

      JAVA resources for SGI users

      Scientific Visualization Software Packages

      SGI Advice and Technical Data (Ian Mapleson's detailed info)

      SGI Alternatif (une meta-page SGI en Francais)

      SGI Alternative (an SGI meta-page in English)


      SGI Meta-Page (collected SGI Internet resources)

      SGI Periodic Table (system performance comparison table)
      SGI Web Install Site (precompiled, instable software)

      SGI-Usergroup Deutschland (auf Deutsch)

      Silicon Graphics Info at BNL

      Silicon Graphics Information (collected SGI Internet resources)

      Silicon Graphics User Groups

          See also below under "network-accessible documents".
      Strange Software (Tom Benoist's free software)

      Swirly screen saver

      Third-party supplier of hardware for SGIs

      This Old SGI (A. J. Corda's 4D series information)

      TURN (Tiny UI Read News) newsreader

      uman IRIX manpage database

      US Army Research Laboratory (ARL, formerly BRL) FTP site

      Vince Liggio's SGI software collection

      WAIS archives of the comp.sys.sgi.* newsgroups

      XFS filesystem demonstration

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Just want to Thank everybody for all the info! Now the real work starts.