ipx problerms with router !!!! URGENT !!!!!

i have a problem
i have a unix 5.0.6 server and a motorola router
how do i route the ipx to the router?
what do i say?
where do i say it?
i have , on the other side of the router nvt dos clients.
I am doing something wrong and the nvt clients cannot find the server

Can anyone help me? urgent , ultra urgent

If your routers IP is and the ipx IP is

As root type;
/usr/sbin/route add net

Whatever the ipx IP is replace the last octet with a 0. It does not matter where you are at in the file system when you type this. If route is not in /usr/sbin replace the path. This is only temporary though and will be deleted the next time the system is rebooted. If you need to make it permanant, you will need to create an executable file (/etc/rc2.d/S99routeadd) with the above route statement.

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