Installation Questions

I've just downloaded BigSlack32 its a version of Linux from slackware (as you may know), however I can't find any setup program if there is one (be gentle with me I have had the burden like many others of growing up with Bill Gates propaganda).

I also have other questions here are a run down:

? How do I install it?

? Will I still be able to run my Windows OS?

If anyone can help by giving me the answers to these probably simple questions I would be very grateful,



Extra Info & Another Question (Sorry About This):

The Program came as a Zip file, I unziped all the files and now there is a load of crap in my start menu under the title of BigSlack32, when I click these files they aren't recognised, what are these files for and why are they there?

I suppose the question I'm asking is can you install Linux straight from the hard disk whilst running Windows, if not how?

Note: I'm reffering to a desktop PC here I'm not trying to install Linux on a Network however I may when I get back to college just to p*ss all the poeple off who can't use it (like me), I'm just curious and want to have a look at Linux.

Tons of info on installing Slackware here:

You can install Linux into a FAT partition (windows formatted) but it will be much slower than a native install. With the price of hard drives these days, I would recommend buying a cheap IDE drive to install Linux on unless you already have a spare partition on your Windows drive.