I have written a daemon and want to make sure that it starts up again after the machine is re-started so I can quit manually doing it. Problem is I'm having difficulty understanding what to do with the init.d

Any help would be appreciated!

Insuring a local daemon process starts up on reboot is normally done in the boot scripts. These are normally found in the <b>/etc/rc.d</b> directory. There is normally a placeholder for local processes and I recommend you use that construct.

Find or create a form of the <b>/etc/rc.d/rc.local</b> file and put the startup commands there. The exact form and file depends your system. Make sure the main startup scripts call the rc.local script.

I do not recommend using the <b>inetd</b> for this, especially if you are a new UNIX user. In fact, most experienced users and installations put system addons in the <b>rc.local</b> or similar file.