How to Network a PowerMac & a PC

Ok, so I'm new to the Unix thing, but I've got 2 old computers that are useless for much now & I want to install some flavor of Unix on both. One is a PowerMac & one is a NEC PC (200 MHz).

Is there a certain flavor of Unix (or Linux) that I can install on both so they will communicate?

Or is there a way to configure it with different flavors of Unix so that the 2 will be able to communicate with each other?

Thanks for any help!

Computers communcate cross-platform because they support a common (standard) network-protocol. In the case of the systems you mention, only TCP/IP is required to interoperate (provided you have them physically connected using standard link-layer protocols :). There are myriad applications that run on top of TCP/IP based on your processing requirements.

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Thanks Neo!
I appreciate the info.