how to batch & print hpgl files to xerox device

have electronic files from customer with .gl extension; are hpgl files originating from Unix. Need utility to open, batch and print in directory order on xerox docutech. Any ideas? Help greatly appreciated.

What is the format of the files? Binary? Text?


I am a third party removed from the person who created the files - I know they are all CAD drawings, but it is unknown if they are binary or text. Typically when we print, we would choose binary for the postscript printer.
Would you have a response for either or both ways?

Just trying to figure out the format so we can suggest a tool to open. ASCII would be easy to open, of course.

Binary formats are often proprietary and makes the problem more difficult. That is why I asked. Since they are CAD drawings, I assume the format is proprietary and not easily read unless you have a matching decoder/reader.

If the CAD binaries are standards-based, you might be able to open with other CAD-ware. Not being CAD-guru, I don't know about CAD standards, but it seems there would be a universal standard for CAD. If they are based on a 'standard CAD format' there might be some freeware or shareware CAD utilities that will open the files.

If they are hpgl files, then you can use <A HREF="">this viewer</A>. A limited demo version is available free, you'll have to pay for the full version. There may be other free alternatives available. Try searching <A HREF="">Google</A>. I'm pretty sure there is a free alternatvie for HP-UX...

What CAD application are they from? Have to tried a simple
lp -d printer
This works for Catia plot files.
To determine if the files are ASCII or binary, execute

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