grep'ing for text within a bunch of files...?

I have, say, a dozen files, and I want to grep for a string of text within them. I don't remember the exact syntax, but let me give it a shot and show you an idea here...
find . -type f -exec grep thisword {} \;
...and there's a way to put more than one grep into the statement, so it will tell you the file name too... anyone want to help me tackle this one? I used to have it written down, but of course I lost the piece of paper... :..(

  • Suz

Duh, that took me all of about 2 minutes to figure out...
find . -type f -exec grep -l word {} \; -exec grep word {} \; -exec echo \;
...and all the echo at the end does is put a space between the results to make them clear... *sigh*