Giving bunch of lines as an input to script to find a pattern

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I need help with two things
I am working on a script where in multiple app team runs some scripts/jar files on a server(at least for now its one team at a time) and I wanna find a pattern to identify which app team that script belongs to. Then use it for further activities. This all being run under a specific ID.

  1. I am currently running a script(call FindPatten script) to find the process details ( or script/jar ) running with that specific ID. Once I have them collected, I wanna give that as input to the upcoming script (IdentifyApp script) which acts like live process running . Using which I can play with IdentifyApp script to get the app name from it.

  2. While I am working on IdentifyApp script, As I am unsure on pattern how it looks like , do I need keep anything in mind like any idea on which path I can choose to get what I am looking.

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