We have unix faxing software that e-mails the fax results to our users unix mail. We want to forward this e-mail to their desktop internet mail.
Originally we setup .forward files in each users id to eliminate unwanted unix mail from the fax. Now I want to modify the forward.
We are on digital unix 4.0D. What is the format of the .forward file (per user) that I have to use to get this to work?
I tried just the internet address, the | internet address and mailx internet address and | mailx internet address.
Am I missing something here or in another area ??


The .forward file format is common seperated fields. You can pipe the mail through filters or forward it based on the token in the field. When I read your post, it was not clear what you need to do in .forward.

Our user ids on our unix server are not our mail ids for our internet mail at our company.
On the unix server, the mail goes to my id userid1 but my e-mail on my desk top is myname@internet.address
Our users are "captive" meaning they can not work outside the application at the unix level. We do not allow them to get to unix mail.
Our fax software sends the success / failure notice of the fax request to the unix mail queue.
I want the fax notice to get forwarded from the unix mail queue to the user desktop mail application via the internet address. so... I want to forward e-mail to myname@internet.address
What would the format of the .forward file be ??
just a line with



Yes, as long as the fax messages are in SMTP/RFC822 format, just send them to the user with the myname@internet.address in .forward. You do not need anything else. You just have to instruct the fax service to send messages to the UNIX account you created that has the .forward files and you are all set.