File Viewer - NO FTP!

Hi Guys!

We have a RISC 6000 with an OS of AIX UNIX 4.3.2
We have several PCs with WIn 95 that can FTP files to-from the RISC using WSFTP_LE by IPSWITCH. Great product!

However, we have several users that we want to have file VIEWING ONLY capabilities without file transfer options. Too much power, too little skills.

Does anybody know of a product that allows ASCII file VIEWING ONLY without the ability to transfer back to the RISC?

Or... A utility that will allow users to view files and us to configure the software and disable FTP?
Any help would be appreciated.
Al J

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Vieweing is really the same as transferring. After all, any remote file that you wish to view must be transferred to your local display somehow -- that may be by ftp, X, telnet, etc. Regardless of the method, it is still transferred to the local machine so that it can be displayed.

Even if you give them access to the AIX box, and allow them to view files there, they could still cpoy and paste the information back to their local machines. So, in other words, I dont think it is possible to do what you are asking (unless i am misunderstanding your question).


We don't mind if they can actually FTP the file from the RISC back to their PC, either display or the file itself.
Our concern lies with the ability to accidentally FTP a file BACK TO the RISC. This is what we are concerned about. So I guess we want a 'one-way' FTP utility.
Al J

You can setup the Unix file permissions so that they do not have write access. For example, make the files owned by root or some other administrative user, with permissions 600 so that they cannot be overwritten, except by the owner. Make sure the parent directory has similar ownership/permissions.

Thanks, PxT, but the files that they are going to be viewing are generated by programs during the month. The naming of these has the PID atttached to the end, so the file names are not the same.
Also, the operator that they sign on to view the files is the same operator as the one who created them. This is program spceific, and it is not one that leaves an option to change.
Are there no programs out there that may be customized to allow gets instead of puts? These are mid-level users, not rookies, but know enough to shoot themselves in the foot, hich is what we are trying to prevent before a situation occurs.
Al J

As PxT points out, the best way to do this is to use the read and right permissions of the files based on user and groups (standard UNIX permissions). It is quite easy to write a script to do set the permissions even if the filenames are unique with process IDs attached. This is the best way to do this.