I'm trying to print a perlscript file from nedit using the enscript command. It reads as follows:

enscript -dbigbird -R -G -b"my_perl_script.pl"

This is the printer command line when I print from nedit. I also have the language set to perl under preferences. This allows me to view comments in italics, control structures in bold, etc. How do I get this font scheme to print as well? Everytime I print the output is in a single font and regular. No italics or any bold fonts. Isn't there a way to print what I see? Is there a command to implement WYSIWYG?? :smiley: Thanks to anyone who can help.

I am not familiar with nedit, but if the syntax gihlighting is anything like that in <A HREF="http://www.vim.org">Vim</A>, then it is <I>on-screen</I> only, and cannot easily be printed. The underlying file remains plain-text, and will still be printed as such.