Ending Mail


I a problem. I would like write script in True64 Unix.see below.

last testerkl | head > mailfile.asc
wolteru < mailfile.asc

With the "last" command I get a list when testerkl logged on. And I would like to send this to a user. But how can I write in a "ctrl.-d" and "ctrl.-c" that send and ends the mail.


I'm not sure I've fully understood your problem. You can
mail the contents of a file by 'mail'. E.g.:

last testerkl | head > mailfile.asc
mail -s "Your subject" testerkl@his-host < mailfile.asc

I hope this helps.

-- Dolom --

The problem was to stop the mail deamon. because I didn't want a dead process. Since this is sent every night I was worried that it could interfer with my daily backups. But I found out that after 2 minutes the mail deamin logs out. So my problem is solved.

Just for info. "last username" is not a file. It shows the login history of the user. It give's a output. And this display output I wanted to send to a user. The "last" command can use by all users.


From the man from germany