End of file using more command

How do I get to the end of a file using the more command
i.e. more filename

(I want to stay in the file, but don't want to have to do Shift + G to get to the end, as I want the command set up as a short cut.
I want to more the end of the file rather than the start but stay
within the file)

more -p G [filename]


one more shortcut learned. :wink:

-p command

     +command  For each file examined, initially execute the more
               command  in  the command argument.  If the command
               is a positioning command, such as a line number or
               a regular expression search, set the current posi-
               tion to represent the final results  of  the  com-
               mand,  without  writing  any intermediate lines of
               the file.  For example, the two commands:

     more -p 1000j file
     more -p 1000G file

     are equivalent and start the display with the current  posi-
     tion  at  line  1000, bypassing the lines that j would write
     and scroll off the screen if it had been issued  during  the
     file  examination.  If the positioning command is unsuccess-
     ful, the first line in the file will be  the  current  posi-

:slight_smile: It's good to pick up these sorts of shortcuts to save a lot of time when in a hurry or under pressure - the little things like knowing a flag here and there often make the difference between finding a vital piece of information that can lead to solving a problem.

As with most general issues there are many ways to do things in UNIX - you could have piped tail into the more command to achieve the same effect, variety is the spice of of life!