editing unix files on NT

i currently am using a unix server and NT pc. i have downloaded a ziped file that should explode into 3 seperate unix based files, however when i unzip it using Alading Expander it displays only 1. This exploded version contains all 3 files ( you can scroll down when viewing the file and see the break points). I know that i need to have a copy of gunzip to explode the files properly, but will it work on a NT system?

chris <pixel monkey>
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The way I do this is pretty simple. On my Windows platforms, I use <B>winzip</B> for both zipping and unzipping.

On the UNIX platform I use <B>unzip</B> and <B>zip</B>.

Naturally, there are other ways to do this, but this works great for me without problems.

If the files are originallly gzipped, then I uncompress with gzip and 're-zip' with zip if and only if I have to move them to my Windows platforms. So, for files that have to be used across platforms I use zip. If the files are only for UNIX, I generally use gzip. That works for me and since I use Samba on Linux to serve Windows files, zip files are easily stored and retrieved on the UNIX servers. There are other ways, of course; but this seems to work best for me.