Dual processors

I have two sparcstation20's. One has no hard drive or memory and I want to know if there is a way to take the processor out of it and make the other a dual processor. I know it is possible some how just curious if anyone here can help me make this happen. (Don't know much about sun hardware....yet)

In general, you have to look at the motherboards and see if the motherboards are dual processor boards. If they are, you are in luck!!

Do either of your machines have dual processors?

I know that on pc's it depends on the motherboard, but I was told that there is a product called a riser that some system uses to allow for dual w/o a different board. I don't know, I was just checking into it to see if it was possible. Thanks

Personally, I would not build a dual CPU system on any motherboard unless it was designed for it, with multiple CPU slots on the board. I've never been a 'fan' of aftermarket CPU enhancers but YMMV.

Perhaps someone else has a thought on this?