disk formatting question

Currently I have a box that I am dual-booting Win98 & Linux on. I have an unformatted 3 gig slice that I would like to install Soloris 8 x86 on. Are there any issues I should be aware of? How close is the x86 install to the sparc install? The Linux partition will be going away but I need to reatain it long enough to insure a smooth transition to Solaris.

There are 'no issues' per se.

While we are on the subject.....

I rarely (if ever) install multiple OS on a single disk because it is only possible to run one OS at a time. All my servers are up all the time so there is not reason to be NT one day, Linux the next, and Solaris86 another day (because they are in production use). Lab and classroom use is different, BTW.

Many people who like to learn 'one at a time' (in student or lab mode) do the 'multiple boot OS thing'; but with computers so cheap, disk space & CPUs almost free, I prefer to have multiple platforms vs. multiple bootable partitions.

However, if you are in class and just loading different OS to study then the installation is straight forward. If you are going to build cross-platform utilities, I suggest you install the GCC development environment so you can build binaries to run independent of vendor compiler.