copy files from local drive to telnet unix machine.

i want to run some solaris executable program (text file). i telnet to solaris machine. the text file is on the net drive h: or my local drive on windows system.

how can i copy the text file from local drive in windows to remote machine in solaris system?


I'm not an expert UNIX user, but I'd say use ftp or (more securely) rcp instead of telnet.


i have ftp the files to remote machine.

but since i am going to use pepa workbench, i still cannot run the executable files from the web site on the remote solaris machine.

who know something about pepa or workbench?

If it is a text file you can copy and paste it through telnet. The easiest way to do this is to highlight and "copy" it in windows, then in the telnet client type

cat > file

Press enter, "paste" what you copied, then press enter and <CTRL> and C at the same time. Make the file executable by all (This may be the step you are missing)

chmod +x file

or executable only by the owner (probably you)

chmod u+x file

have you looked into samba?