congrats & new forums

Hi Neo & All

first I'd like to congratulate you for the nice impressing and promissing service.

I'm waiting for new forums , like: Advanced Unix / Sun / Linux / Xwindows / CDE .
obiously not all question should be at the Unix for Dummies forum!

Keep up the good work,


The reason there is only one forum is that adding another forum complicates things. Right now, there is 'UNIX for Dummies'. If we add, UNIX, Advanced Topics (just one more) then what happens when 'UNIX for Dummies Questions' get posted in the 'Advanced UNIX' area? Or the other way?

Also having an advanced topic forum creates the problem of having problems with 'status'. People who answer in 'UNIX for Dummies' might not want to continue to participate in 'UNIX for Dummies' when they are active in 'UNIX for Advanced Users' (or something like that).

In other words, I don't think we are ready to fork another child forum just yet. Maybe later?

[Edited by Neo on 11-19-2000 at 10:42 PM]