Command xntpd


I,am trying syncronise clock, but i can�t do it

In the server client put:
/etc/ntp.conf -> server namehost
-> resolver /etc/xntpres

/etc/tcp -> uncoment lines when say Xntpd

/etc/ xntpd

In the server as server clock:
/etc/ntp.conf -> peers hostname

if check conection ntpq -p view

remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset disp
====== ====== == = ==== ==== ===== ===== ====== ====
hostname 16 u - 64 0 0 0 16000

I can,t change clock. Other cuestion is how put time zone if i syncronise with germany and i stay in spain (in spain UTC +1) and germany UTC +2.

Can i syncronise with windows server with a client unix?

Yes, you can synchronize a Windows server with a UNIX client. We do it. There are many utilities to do this.

The differences in timezones are corrected by insuring the timezones are set on your clients/servers, NTP does the rest for you.

When you uncomment xntpd, you need to restart inetd. Normally a kill -1 signal to the inetd process will work.