Color and Users

We work with Digital Workstations and some NT-Workstation which communicate by a reflection software (WRQ) with the UNIX-Server.
We changed our main application (GIS-System) to true-color. Since the change two of our users with the reflection software can't start the application anymore. One is working properly. The two users which make the troubles work also properly when we change the the number of colors on the graphic card to 256 colors.
Is there under UNIX a color-entry per user? (or something similar that can affect this phenomenon)

thans Urs

The device file which drives the graphics card is decoupled from the application in UNIX systems. Something does not sound right in your post. A problem with a graphics card should only effect the monitor, not the application per se.

Thanks for the reply.
You probably understood me wrong. And with my little English it's sometimes hard to describe a problem.
We don't have a problem with the graphic card. And the problem is also not the application.
When I set my PC-monitor to 256 colors all works properly except that I just have 256 colors on a true color application.
When I set my PC-monitor to true-color then I can start everything on our UNIX-Server with one UNIX-user (i.e guest2) .
The other users (i.e. guest1) can't even open a new x-term window. So I thought there's must be some user-settings on our UNIX-server which affects this phenomen.
I don't think, that it is a problem from our reflection software because I use the same settings and startup-scripts.

Thanks Urs

Sorry, but I still don't understand your situation enough to make an intelligent reply. Could you state the problem in terms in more UNIX terms like X configuration files, X-servers, IP addresses, and not vendor specific terms?

For example, would be easier to understand if you formulated the situation in generic terms and not vendor specific terms and products.

I agree with neo that this is a little confusing. Are you saying that when you set the display to a higher color level that one user can log into that terminal without a problem and the other two cannot login to the same terminal ?
And this is using the gui.

Well, is sounds confusing. Otherwise I wouldn't use the forum.
My command to open a new terminal is:
(/usr/bin/X11/dxterm -fn 6x13 -sb -ls -display %IP#% &)
I think, it must be a setting on the unix because it works with one of the users.