Clustering Two Ultra 5 Boxes

Can someone please help me to cluster two SUN Ultra 5 Boxes to run a application ? I am running Solaris 7 with two Ethernet NICs in each box. The Primary nics have a address of and the other two nics have a multicast address of each. I want to run a application at work (cannot be mentioned here) which requires that the machines be able to ping each other on either of the interfaces. I do not know how to configure routing differently for both the interfaces, such that the packets for network 10 go to hme0 and the multicast packets for network 224 go to hme1. Both the computers go out to the internet using as their gateway. They are the only two machines on the network for multicast. Please help me as soon as possible so that I can get this thing over with and let me know if any other details of my configuration are required. I am very sorry for not being able to name the application that I am going to run after they get clustered. Please help as soon as possible

You use the <B> route </B> command to set up two static routes in each platform to instruct the kernel to route packets to IP address x.z.w.v via interface FOO and IP address x.z.w.vv via interface FOOBAR.

Similar idea for the other platform.

After you get it right, you can add the route commands to the boot scripts to make this automatic on system boot.

I've already added the route statement and it does show the route in the netstat -r command. But when I try to ping the subnet on the second interface, it gets lost. I did a traceroute and found that the packets are still being directed on the first interface. Looks like the first interface is default and so everything goes there. Don't know how to change that. The file /etc/defaultrouter is not present.

Please to the output of both the <B> route -n </B> and <B> ifconfig </B> command on each platform and upload the results.

Here are the outputs for the Machine:

lo0: flags=849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 8232
inet netmask ff000000
inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
ether 8:0:20:f2:78:22
inet netmask f0000000 broadcast
ether 8:0:20:f2:78:22


Routing Table:
Destination Gateway Flags Ref Use Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ------ --------- trafficserver U 3 2 hme0 trafficserver1 U 2 0 hme1 trafficserver U 3 0 hme0
localhost localhost UH 0 16 lo0

I am trying to ping and the trace shows that it is going through the first interface (hme0) instead of hme1.

How about the other machine? Could you send the ifconfig and netstat -r info? (both machine a and b)

Hey Neo,

Thanx a bunch for the interest shown in the problem. I realize I did not provide enough info in the first post itself. I actually got it working now. I was making the mistake of assigning the IP address of the secondary interface as a 224.x.x.x IP. That was the problem. I gave it a valid 10.10.20.x IP and it liked it and then I gave the Multicast IP in the App that I was running, and they work just fine now. The lesson is, we cannot give a Multicast IP Address directly to a interface on a SUN Box. Please correct me if I am wrong here, but thats what I felt out of all this.

Thanx a lot for ur help.

Keyur Lavingia
Network Engineer