CHMOD Help!!

Ok, listen.........I was using FTP Works to remove and add some files to a domain server. I messed with chmod button and made it so that no-one could access or their browsers could execute files and 2 or three certain directories. If anyone knows how to use this command and will give me a heads up on what to type at a a prompt since the FTP Works software is acting up, please help me with this before the owner of the domain finds out! Thanks! I am very :confused: (confused) and need help with this matter!

How to explain.
Alright chomd is alittle more in depth then this but this should be good for your needs.
Think for this instance of three columns.
owner group and others
each column is represented by sum of numbers 1 2 and 4
1 executable permission
2 write permission
4 read permission

so say we wanted to give only the onwer read write and exec. ability whe would type chmod 700 `filename or dir`

where the first column is onwer and 4 + 2 + 1 equals 7
the second column is group and the third is other or world

so if you what only the owner to read write and exec but anyone in the group to read and exec as well as anyone else to be able to just read and exec you would type chmod 755 `filename`

For what you stated you will probably want to chod 755 the directories that you altered.

I hope this helps

thanks! the command did work but however I found WS_FTP and if you right click on the folder or file it allows you to chmod from there. I got rid of the retarded ass acting FTP Works software! FTP StupidWorks should be the name! Well thanks! and I have also been given a heads up lesson by my sidekick in all that I do today. but if you want to also try to teach me unix, you can. well i gotta run! peace!