Cannot restore a TAR backup

I backed up a unix database using
"tar -cvf /dev/rmt1 -N 800 /*"
Normally I would restore this using
"tar -xvf /dev/rmt1 -N 800"

This is reporting an error about
"not enough memory"

I have done a new test backup and restore using the same commands and they work.


My only idea is that 'out of memory' means that your tar file is so big that when you try to untar the file, it runs out of memory :slight_smile: How big is the tarfile and how much memory do you have? What is the OS and version?


I found the problem:

I was using
tar xvf /dev/rmt1 -N800

and I should have used
tar -xvf /dev/rmt1 -N800

That dash IS important !