burning Solaris 8 images

this is probably going to sound really stupid...but how do i burn the Solaris 8 images i got off of Sun's servers? i know youre supposed to burn them in Nero/EasyCD/whatever, but Nero gives me some bullshit about it being an "unrecognized format" and EasyCD wants to burn it as an audio file. do i just add the suffix ".iso" to each file and then try?

Yes....rename the file with an .iso extension.
In EasyCD you select create cd from image in the
file menu....I think....I'm not looking at EasyCD
now. It tells you on the download instruction

easy CD would crash on me :(. i tried Nero (.nrg suffix) with limited success....does it get burned in mode1 or mode 2?

I don't know the difference between mode 1 or
mode 2. I just followed the instructions and it
worked fine. I've seen numerous posts about this
in the newsgroups. Try going to groups.google.com
and try doing some searches like "solaris cd" or
anything you can think of. You'll probably find
your answer a lot quicker.

i tried to burn does images with nero and nero didn't work with it :-(. no it is not mode 2 (less error protection then mode 1). i had to burn it with easy cd creator. no problems with it. maybey it works with a newer nero.