I have this question in my study guide could anyone please help me with the answer and (explicit) explanation.

hostname: HOSTONE
automounter file: /etc/auto.home
entry: scps HOSTTWO:/export/home/scps

commands executed on HOSTONE, mark all commands where the automounter will be invoked.

a)cat /home/scps/anyfile
b)cat /home/sce/scps/anyfile
c)cat /export/home/scps/anyfile
d)cat /home/scps/anydir/anyfile
e)cat /home/anydir/scps/anyfile

Thanks very much.

Hey Almendrita!

The right answer is :

A & D

This is because the define configuration in the question,
sets the automounter to be invoked whenever something within /home/scps is referenced.

the other options don't try to access /home/scps and therefore won't trigger the automounter.

Tip :By default the automounter mounts the dir for 10 minutes unless run with -t num_seconds.


Thanks a lot. I was confused with the /export/... I was not sure if it was part of the pathname.

Thanks again,


home dirs are quite often , sometime by default are mounted by automountd on the fly...
usually to /export/home . (I always cancel it , cause I hate that feature :))

but this is the location where the fixed data of the home dirs is kept. so if you try to access it( /export/home) , it won't mount anything, just like you enter a normal dir.

in our case, that directory is mapped from the second machine, so you should not worry there's a chance automountd will be invoked for /export on hostONE...
it's totally irrelevant if there's such directory or not.