ASP and Databases on UNIX?

I have been asked to use ASP on UNIX and I have no idea what the limitations are. I have pages using ASP on NT with SQL7, is there an easy transition for my current pages to work on UNIX? Any help is much appreciated. THX

when i signed on with my current company one of my first tasts was to get asp pages working with apache server on e3500 running sol7 and get it to talk with informix db.

not the easiest of tasks for my first day but thats a long story as is.

either way we used a software called chillisoft asp.

it is a daemon that works in conjuntion with apache to lets asp pages work.

Could I use ChiliSoft ASP with MySQL on UNIX like I use it with SQL7 on NT? Are there limitations that will keep me from using the same pages on the UNIX system?

i have never done the MYsql so i cant answer that.

the web dev guys said yes it does.

as far as the same pages. just have to make sure the paths match up remember windows uses the "\" unix uses the "/" for directory names.

but i was told it is quiet expensive. so if you wanted to stay the free route i would check on apache's site i think they have an asp module that is free.

I appreciate all your comments. What about running COM objects?

dont know. checkout