ASP alternatives

I have just found out that a project I have developed in ASP (ultradev) needs to be migrated to a unix server and won't be able to support asp. Can anyone point me in the right direction to see what my options are with Unix? I have never worked with or developed for a Unix box before.

Also, the code on this page for the formatting is EXCELLENT, does anyone know if all of the source if available for it or where I might be able to get some pointers on it? I've looked at the source code for this page but all of the javascript used isn't there. I'd like to look at it to get some ideas.


Java Server Pages (JSP) is one way.

This site (and many others) use PHP. Both have benefits. I personally like PHP with Apache server. Suggest you look that the multitude of scripts at:

Neo, I'm going through the scripts at Thanks for pointing this out to me, this is one I haven't run across before. Can you tell me if there is code (at least partial) at this site for your formatting (such as bold, underline, etc...). I would have to change it over to asp to use in the site I want to.

Thanks for your help,

This forum and all pages are written in PHP. You can contact them at: Glad you like the site. The code is not freeware or shareware. We pay vB and license the code from them.

BTW: There are other good forum code in PHP at -- many are free. We use vB because it has been good to us and it well supported.

There a many discussion boards in PHP: