Appending out to a file

Hi, once again -
Ok here it is:
a).I used the touch command to create a file (touch directory.list)
b).I then added this line: - date '+The date is %a %h %d, %Y %nIt is %I:%M %p' > directory.list
-So that this date function would go at the top of my script
c).Now I want to display a detailed listing(including i-node numbers) of the contents of my dir and append the output to this file(directory.list)

Now I've tried this for a few days and the closet I've came is:
ls -i > directory.list
But when I do this it erases the date function.
There has got to be an easier way.
I need help

Thank you again,
I don't why it's overwriting - maybe something to do with the permissions.


When you do an:

ls -i > file

You will completely erase the previous contents.

If you do an:

ls -i >> file

You will append the information to the file.

Your error was in using the > instead of the >>