apache, php on solaris

Hi, our spark 5, os 2.8, solaris 8, came with Apache. But this Apache is some kind of bastardized wrapper that has no configuration files, nothing. So, I got the real version of Apache that is configurable. That is so I can configure it with PHP-4. I installed this new Apache version but now I am facing dilemma: where the hell is the right config file?
The instillation installed several same files all over and now I am not sure which one I should modify to have the PHP working correctly(!?). Are all of them used by the server? Anybody any suggestions? What is the base directory, but then to get to PHP I would have to redirect(?), any suggestions on that one as well?
Thank you, George

The thread below discusses many of the issues you raise in detail:


Neo, I already installed Apache and PHP. There are directions on the PHP site. The issue is that there are several configurations files and the one that configures the server tells me that the �Order� word is mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration. So, I cannot start the server. It is the httpd.conf file in apache_1.x/bindist/bin dir.
Thanks, George

I believe that Apache uses /usr/local/apache
as its base directory by default.

You right, all is right there. Just I need to manage all these scripts. Thank you guys. Now I need to connect to PHP, not very successful so far even I did the steps to load PHP during loading Apache at sturt-up.
Thanks, George

If you build apache+php correctly, included setting up the MIME types, etc. then you are 'connected' to php anytime you access (the web site) with a file with a .php extension or a file with an embedded php directive. I used this book to set up this apache+php site:

<A HREF=http://www1.fatbrain.com/asp/BookInfo/BookInfo.asp?theisbn=1861002963&from=HAN515>Professional PHP Programming</A>

Most of the information can be gleaned from the apache and php readme files (so if you are on a tight budget, don't feel compelled to purchase); however, this book saved me a lot of time going through the readmes (especially the chapter devoted to apache installation). Also, there is all the good php reference information if you decide to cut some php code. After you get set up, go to this link and pull down some good php packages for your server:


The PHP book recommended is not required (the information is in the php and apache readme files), but it made my life much easier when I switched over to a PHP-core. The MySQL part is also helpful, and you will naturally need to set up MySQL, since the 'triple threat' is apache+php+mysql :slight_smile:

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Well, when I run the PHP on my machine at home ir works fine under Windows. When I run it on Solaris it prompts me where do I want to save the *.php file(!?). I want to run the file instead.
Note: I do have the book