Anything better than what I wrote in here

/Users/ManoharMangala/rsync/$ cat mytestfile | head -15


sar actions

rum mill ops







Expected Output. : /opt/rsync : sar actions|| rum mill ops|| backup ||  restart || sycn /opt/rsync || /opt/wick_rsync

What I wrote -





while IFS= read -r line


echo "$line" | grep -qi "com"

arr+=("$line ||")

done < "$input"

echo "${arr[@]}"

/Users/ManoharMangala/rsync/$./ | sed 's/sint/\
sint/g' || /opt/rsync || || sar actions || rum mill ops || backup || restart || sycn || || /opt/rsync || /opt/wick_rsync ||

Not really conversant with this sort of thing but I came up with the above. The works great to the extent that it certainly builds this huge array.
The issue/challenge here is there are 500 such nodes and they begin with trin[00-99],oper[00-99],opss[00-99],eng[00-99],sint[00-99] and I am not comfortable with the sed that I wrote in here.
Any ideas as to how to go about this would be of great help.

how about this - a bit verbose....

awk -f  mano.awk mytestfile

where mano.awk is:

  OFS=" : "
/[.]/ { sint=$1; next}
{a[sint]=(sint in a)?a[sint] " || " $0: $0}
  for (i in a)
      print i, a[i]

results in: : sar actions || rum mill ops || backup || restart || sycn : /opt/rsync : /opt/rsync || /opt/wick_rsync

@vgersh99 .,

Just to give you some context, we are porting scripts from one set of hosts to another set of hosts.

Cant thank you enough for your awk scrip. If you can explain the program that you wrote in here, it would be ideal.

Also, there is this next part of the task as well. So, I have this file below. : sar actions || rum mill ops || backup || restart || sync : /opt/rsync : wick_rsync : wick_rsync :  wick_rsync || restart || backup | sync :  wick_rsync || restart :  wick_rsync

Now, from the above file, I need to ssh to everyone of the hosts that is in the first column and echo out the text that is between the delimiters, which are "||" in the folder /opt/. The tougher part here is, there is not just one or two such columns and the lines can be many.
So, how do I do the following for each line

  1. ssh to that host (which is the first column) .. this is bit easy as I can use read line
  2. echo out the next set of text that is between each "||" as a new line ?
  3. Here is the expected output for lets say on the host, : rsync$ hostname; date; pwd; ls -altr
    Sat Jun 20 23:25:43 PDT 2020
     -rwxr-xr-x   1 User  staff   245 Jun 20 03:19 wick_rsync
     -rwxr-xr-x   1 User  staff   146 Jun 20 03:42 restart
     -rwxr-xr-x   1 User  staff   337 Jun 20 04:13 backup
     -rwxr-xr-x   1 User  staff   337 Jun 20 04:13 sync
     drwxr-xr-x+ 86 User  staff  2924 Jun 20 04:13 ..
     drwxr-xr-x   5 User  staff   170 Jun 20 04:13 .

Now, if you think that any of the above steps I took to arrive at the end result do not make sense and this task can be easily done in any other way, please educate me and I shall follow your word.


Thank you so very much btw.


I would use the original file and your initial attempt with bash.


  [[ -n $host ]] &&
  ssh -nx "$host" "
    echo 'running on $host'
    printf '%s\n' '${arr[@]}'

while IFS= read line <&3
  if [[ $line == *. * ]]
done 3< "$input"

For extra safety I used descriptor 3 rather than the default (that is 0).
Because in the input there is no "end of actions" indicator the ssh action must occur again at the end - reason enough for a function.

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@MadeInGermany thank you !